About Our Ordering Process

By placing an order here online, you are placing a pre-order for Local Delivery or Pickup. This simply guarantees your bread will be made for you on your desired date. 4 day minimum for pre-order, Wednesday through Saturday. For any questions about orders, email shana@jyanisaacbread.com.

Delivery Hours: 11am-6pm

Pre-order Pickup Location: Cafe Bolivar, 1741 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica
Pickup Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 9am-5pm

In order to receive bread sooner, please visit one of our locations and purchase in person - we offer our all pre-order selection and lots more. Visit our Instagram to see what limited edition breads might be available today!

Location: Cafe Bolivar, 1741 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica
Pickup Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 9am-5pm

Location: Harvey Eason Cafe, 8051 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood
Pickup Hours: Wednesday through Friday, 8am-1pm & Saturday through Sunday, 9am-5pm

About Our Breads

Our breads are fermented for 16 hours, which breaks down the grain and makes it easy for your body to digest. 

What is yecora wheat?

It’s a common variety of wheat. We buy the freshest and most flavorful flour in the world, Cairnspring Mills and Camas Country Mill.

How do you pronounce Levain and what does it mean?

Levain is a sourdough starter and can be pronounced leh-vahn or luh-van. Our sourdoughs are risen with levain.

What is cultured butter? 

Cultured butter is fermented with live bacterial kefir culture (what they make yogurt with). This imparts a unique flavor and then is salted. We get our cultured butter from Vermont Creamery.

Is the baguette sourdough?

No. It is light, super thin crust, crisp, aromatic. Best eaten fresh and toasted after day 1.

Shelf-Life & Storage

All of our breads are preservative-free. Our breads are highly hydrated, so they have a longer shelf life than all factory manufactured bread if stored properly. Actually most bread you find. 

All our breads should be stored in a breathable bag on your counter top in your kitchen. Our breads do not want to be kept in the fridge, in a ziplock bag, or in the cupboard. When leaving a loaf on the counter after being sliced, I like keep it cut-side down on my cutting board. But you can also just keep it in the bag.