About Our Bread

Made from the freshest flour, sourced primarily from small mills in the Pacific Northwest, our bread is deeply hydrated and aromatic. Through a long fermentation process, the grain is totally broken down, delivering loads of flavor and making our bread easy to digest. When it comes to baking, we favor the deeper, richer flavor of a shiny, super dark, carmelized crust over a lighter bake.

What is yecora wheat?

It’s a common variety of wheat. We buy the freshest and most flavorful flour in the world, Cairnspring Mills and Camas Country Mill.

How do you pronounce Levain and what does it mean?

Pronounced leh-vahn or luh-van, levain is the building block of leavened bread baking. Made from a mixture of flour and water, it takes on the wild yeasts in the air and begins a natural fermentation process. Levain causes dough to rise, and it gives sourdough bread that signature sour flavor.

What is cultured butter?

Cultured butter is made by adding bacterial kefir culture to pasturized cream. Fermented overnight, the culture imparts a tangy flavor into the cream before it's churned into super creamy, flavorful butter. We source our cultured butter from Vermont Creamery.

Is the baguette sourdough?

Yes, our artisan baguette is sourdough. It’s made with liquid levain, a high percentage of poolish (a yeast preferment), and a bit of spelt flour for flavor.  It's best eaten day of purchase and toasted thereafter.

Shelf Life & Storage

Our breads are deeply hydrated, giving them a much longer shelf life than commercially manufactured breads. Shelf life will vary depending on which bread you choose and how you store it, but we recommend keeping our bread in a breathable bag on a countertop in your kitchen.

Our bread does not want to be kept in the fridge, in a ziploc bag, or in the cupboard. Once you've cut into the bread, you might also consider storing it cut side down on a cutting board. Enjoy!


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